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Improving operations, quality management, and customer satisfaction.

Ciegus is a growth company with a service aimed at healthcare professionals. The use of the LääkeTabletti service helps with medication distribution, makes it easier to identify generic medicines, and reduces associated errors. The LääkeTabletti service is used in hospital wards, intensified living services, and home care all over Finland.
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Ciegus' strategy includes fast expansion into international markets. To enable controlled scaling of the business, the company needed to create a clear framework and processes for quality management, business development, and systematic improvement of customer satisfaction. The chosen quality system was ISO 9001, so the primary requirement was to find an expert with experience in ISO 9001 quality process development and, in particular, in creating a quality project specification and an action plan.

The need was presented to Finitec because they were known to be partners in providing business and technology expertise to companies in the health technology sector. Sanna Eilola commented on the collaboration:
Finitec was easy to contact because they have an extensive network of experts. Finitec quickly suggested two candidates and the interviews went smoothly over the phone. We chose Mikko Hellström. In addition to his experience, he had a clear framework and tools for running a specification project, so it was very clear from the start that Mikko was the person we were looking for. We have been very pleased with our choice, especially because of Mikko's hands-on approach.

Sanna Eilola, CEO


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