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Software development partner in LTP Group's business core system development project

LTP Group is a pioneer in food logistics. LTP Group includes LTP Logistics, a logistics service provider, a transport service provider LTP Cargo, and a box washing and palletizing service provider, Lännen Teollisuuspalvelu. The Group's ICT and technology services are centralized in the Group's parent company.
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LTP Group's companies rely on their own ERP system for business operations, which enables core functions such as inventory management. The system is a comprehensive package that has been under continuous development for years, based on the needs of the business.

In 2018, LTP needed to accelerate the pace of the system's development. The team needed an experienced software developer to work as an enabler, with the ability to understand the logistics business, be creative and able for independent problem-solving, in addition to having strong technological expertise.

LTP Group ended up choosing Tommi Volotinen from Finitec. The selection was influenced significantly by Tommi's ability to embrace a wide range of systems and by his ability to look at the business from the customer's perspective.
The start of the cooperation with Finitec was very clear. We discussed our goals and needs with Finitec. Finitec communicated clearly and in no time suggested a specialist who met the specification. In hindsight, we have been particularly pleased with Tommi's extensive technical expertise and his ability to grasp solvable problems smoothly, sometimes with very high-level descriptions.

Tommi Salovalta, ICT Manager

LTP Group

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