Scaling sales with CRM implementation

Dynamics CRM implementation for the event industry on an ambitious schedule. markets and sells tickets yearly to thousands of cultural, entertainment, and sporting events. has 2.2 million registered customers and more than 14 million online sales annually.
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The cooperation between Finitec and started in the autumn 2020, when launched a customer relationship management system project with its customer. The need was to implement a CRM that truly serves, supports, and streamlines the customer's sales activities.

An ambitious schedule had been set for the project. However, the schedule pressure was identified early on, so decided to involve external experts in the team to ensure that the implementation met the set quality and business criteria. requested quotations for Dynamics experts from many suppliers and ended up choosing Finitec.

Mike Mustonen was selected as the project expert. His knowledge of Dynamics was found to be very broad, and his ability to work independently at the client interface was also a significant help. Everything specified in the project was completed on time, and Mike exceeded expectations by independently producing a final report on the implementation.

In addition to the sales and communication tools, the project included customer loyalty and ticketing system integration with the CRM. Together, these elements facilitate profitable sales and modern customer management in both the corporate and consumer segments.
Finitec's model was easy and it was reliable to entrust Finitec with the identification of the expert and the validation of the skills. Initial concerns about whether we would get the right expert on board quickly enough proved to be misplaced. The pattern was clear and the candidates were presented smartly. Eeva was very active and didn't turn her back after signing the contracts. It was a seamless process.

Mikael Leinonen, Development Manager

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