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Partnering with Framery on demanding software development projects

Framery has always been a forerunner in its industry. This has been reflected not only in the product concept but also in the choice of recyclable materials. Moreover, as the first players in the market, they are now integrating value-adding services into their well-regarded soundproof workspaces.
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The software development partnership started in the spring of 2020. Before the partnership, Framery had made a strategic alignment to increase delivered customer value by integrating digital services into the Framery product family. The strategy was implemented by first exploring and prototyping technology options to create the most streamlined and reliable interface between physical products and digital services.

One of the key challenges in the final product development was to ensure seamless connectivity from the device level to the cloud. Success here was critical for Framery, so it was essential to have an expert with understanding and prior experience solving IoT challenges similar to Framery’s.

Framery scouted experts for the position from several vendors, ultimately settling on Finitec.

Roles of Finitec’s experts in Framery’s projects include coding IoT Architect, Salesforce Software Developer, and Software Developer.

Soundproofed workspaces play a special role in the post-pandemic era, so the enthusiasm in the market toward Framery One has been remarkable. Customer feedback received from the product has been thoroughly promising.
“From our point of view, Finitec’s strength lies in the ability to understand quick briefs and deliver high-level expertise to roles that are extremely hard to fill - even with a nearly impossible schedule. Tommi, in particular, has been an incredible expert for us. Nikita’s knowledge has been very broad, and Lam has an excellent understanding of the IoT field in addition to the device-cloud connections."

Veikko Lindberg, CIO


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