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The cooperation between Neles and Finitec started after Neles' separation from Metso in the summer of 2020. The separation of the companies placed high technical demands on the IT organization, as the business unit did not have its own IT function. Building the organization on a tight schedule was tough, so recruiting demanding roles within the required timeframe was mainly considered risky.

Finitec's experts were split between setting up and developing data privacy and cyber solutions. In addition to the core tasks, the experts were involved in the development of our policies and also assisted in the recruitment of Neles' staff. As a result, Neles recruited an in-house Cyber Lead, to whom the overall responsibility of cybersecurity has been successfully transferred.
"We felt that the cybersecurity team, in particular, needed tough experts, as there was no room for compromises here. We approached Finitec and were offered great candidates to meet per se. Initially, we thought of putting together a team of three people, but we found out that the offered experts were knowledgeable enough to reliably take care of the cybersecurity area’s overall responsibility.

We originally asked for experts from several partners and consulting houses. However, Finitec succeeded well in the task and accurately hit the spec. The guys have been very committed even though we started from a challenging situation. Cooperation with Finitec has been smooth and flexible. The service has provided us with the expected added value.”

Pekka Paavonen, Director, CIO Office


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