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Supply reliability to forestry information systems in a multi-vendor environment 

Tornator Oyj is Europe's leading company specializing in sustainable forestry. It owns forests in Finland, Estonia, and Romania. Tornator's operating model is based on responsible forest management, strong environmental expertise, and digitalization. Tornator's core activities are sustainable forestry, forest purchase and lease, and forest management services.
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Finitec's collaboration with Tornator started in the spring 2021. Tornator's forestry experts' main tools include forestry information systems, whose web and mobile interfaces needed to be developed in a more user-friendly direction while supporting new business cases.

The collaboration soon extended from design and software development to building machine learning solutions. The need to create vendor independence through a multi-vendor environment was also quickly identified as a driving factor. Tornator felt that Finitec's approach supported this objective well, increasing the teams' delivery reliability by creating a high-performing multi-vendor environment of top experts.
Finitec's concept is a really good fit for us. The model requires expertise from the client, but Finitec's experts have been committed and motivated to give their best performance. In addition, the proactive approach and experience of the experts deserve special mention, as those have resulted in excellent work even on lightweight proposals.

Heikki Penttinen, Director of Development


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