Continuous development of Skanska ERP

As a development partner in an ERP project with the primary aim of improving the quality of work and reducing manual repetitive work, thereby enabling staff to perform specialist work in more meaningful and productive ways.

Skanska is a construction company offering construction services and project development for residential and commercial buildings. Skanska continuously develops better tools and practices and actively updates its expertise as technology and construction evolve. Skanska's strength is its unique network of local and international expertise.
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The cooperation between Skanska and Finitec started in spring 2019 after Skanska identified development needs in its ERP system. The project aimed to take the ERP used by the finance staff to a new level, bringing in functionalities that had been excluded from the original ERP development project scope. In addition, the development queue prioritized development issues that had arisen during the use of the system. The primary business objective of the project was to improve the quality of work and reduce manual repetitive work, thus enabling the allocation of internal specialist work to more meaningful and productive tasks. The project was particularly challenging due to the complex environment and the relatively abstract scope at the initial stage. The project's characteristics had identified the need for a reliable ERP expert with strong management and interpersonal skills. Skanska selected several suppliers for the tender and ended up choosing Finitec and Klaus Zaerens. Klaus' strong expertise, personality, and management experience, as well as Finitec's expert salesmanship, were key factors in the selection.
We have been very pleased working with Klaus throughout the year and a half. He has been an ironclad professional with a strong project management skill set and the ability to work with people. The transition to remote working mode has also gone well under Klaus' leadership. Finitec's offering has been of high quality across the board, and the procurement process was effortless, especially thanks to the well-formulated expert presentations.

Olli-Pekka Roiha, IT Manager


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