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Samlink is an experienced financial solutions developer and service provider, creating growth and cost efficiency in the banking business through technology.
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Finitec's collaboration with Samlink started in the autumn of 2020. Samlink is responsible for the maintenance and development of banks' core systems. The challenge was that core systems are critical to banking operations, but experts in these systems were becoming very scarce in the market. To ensure its ability to deliver mainframe expertise, Samlink surveyed mainframe specialist suppliers and thus met with Finitec's Get Silver unit, which represents independent legacy systems and technology specialists. Get Silver responded to a need with a challenging task to find sufficiently high-quality talent from the market.
Once the partnership started, it quickly expanded beyond legacy systems to Finitec's core offering of software development and data projects supporting new business growth.

Simo Heikkinen commented on the launch of the collaboration:
We felt that Finitec took us seriously from the beginning. My colleague and I interviewed several of the experts offered by Finitec and found them to be very competent across the board. In addition to the high quality of the offering, Finitec's proactive approach and prompt communication were instrumental in starting the collaboration.

Simo Heikkinen, Director, Competence Center


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