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RecRight is a video recruitment tool that helps companies find just the right employee behind their applications. With Recright tools, companies find experts and streamline the recruitment process.
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Finitec has been Recright's technology expert partner since the fall of 2020. The collaboration was initiated by Recright's need to repair and change its previous Salesforce implementation. In less than a year, the partnership has also expanded into design and project management expertise, for example in a multi-system integration project and in product usability development.
Recright hires experts primarily for employment, but has found Finitec's strength as a supplier in roles and positions where hiring is not yet appropriate for the growth company's strategy.
Finitec's process must be praised and the work has been very easy: in practice, I have presented the situation or the need and asked how to solve it? Several options with justifications have been provided for each need and the factors have met our very high quality criteria.

Jussi Luhtasela, CEO


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