Definition and tendering of an information system project

Kekkilä BVB & integration of information systems

Neova (formerly Vapo) is a Finnish but international state-owned company that promotes professional growing and horticulture through its businesses, provides local fuels to its customers, and produces activated carbon for air and water purification. Kekkilä-BVB is part of Neova and is Europe's leading manufacturer of growing media for hobby and professional horticulture.
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The long-standing cooperation between Neova and Finitec expanded in 2019, when Kekkilä and BVB Substrates merged. A profitable merger required the harmonization of information systems and operating models. The Grow & Care division decided to use MS Business Central, which was already used at BVB Substrates, as the common ERP system.

The project needed to get underway as quickly as possible. Tight schedule requirements had been identified early on, so the group decided to seek external expertise to streamline the project's analysis and definition phase, in addition to ensuring that the tender material for the implementation partner was generated in time.

Finitec provided several expert profiles that were felt suitable for the role by Neova. The client interviewed the most qualified candidates and selected Mikael Nuorivaara.
Finitec has played a major role in producing tender material and subsequently creating financial processes with their owners. We feel that the cooperation has been smooth and easy to manage with both Mikael and Tiina from Finitec. The objectives of the specification project were achieved on time and the work moved smoothly into remote mode.

Helinä Tapaninen, ICT Architect / Business IS Manager

Neova Group (Kekkilä BVB)

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