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Fortum is a leading clean energy company that develops and offers its customers solutions for electricity, heat, cooling, and improving resource efficiency. In addition, Fortum also offers expert services to companies in the energy sector and solutions that help customers make sensible energy choices.
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Finitec has been Fortum's partner in IT expert services for several years. Fortum's global website is one of the most significant projects for which Finitec has offered the benefits of its experts. The starting point of the cooperation regarding the global website was to improve the website’s technical performance, and to create the conditions for smooth development of new functionalities, i.e. to modernize the technical environment and minimize technical debt. Different alternatives had been mapped out for the project, and the essential criterion was first to get an experienced Lead Fullstack developer on the team who, besides solid expertise, can look at things from Fortum's point of view and operate firmly in the supplier interface. Finitec responded by proposing Mika Lahti for the project.

With the support of Mika's views, the website's infrastructure has been modernized and moved more strongly to open source technologies, and performance has been significantly improved. Mika has also been substantially involved in the team's other expert selections.
"We needed an experienced developer who can also give his professional vision and bring a culture of openness to supplier cooperation in policies concerning the website. Mika Lahtinen has been a great expert for us. I would say that now we have the so-called dream team. We are very satisfied now, and we also want to be for a long time." 

Eero Karhu, IT Project Manager


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