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As a lead expert on a cloud infrastructure scaling project

Surveypal helps companies to improve customer, employee, and brand experience through excellent feedback processes. A tailored platform solution backs Surveypal's expertise in feedback collection and processing, a critical component of its operations.
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The collaboration between Finitec and Surveypal started from Surveypal's need to scale its technical infrastructure to meet growing business needs. Key action needs included transformation to an Azure environment, cloud modernization, scalability, security, and manageability. In addition, Surveypal's human resources strategy focuses on maintaining a motivating work environment by hiring competent people, actively training its staff, and utilizing external senior-level consultants.

Jukka Wallasvaara, CIO at SurveyPal, comments on the start of the collaboration as follows:

"The Finitec's process has worked well from the start. I have been particularly pleased that the actual filtering of candidates took very little time and that Antti, who Finitec nominated, has been brilliant. About Finitec, the follow-ups have worked well, the contacts have been sensible and there has been no attempt to oversell."

Finitec's expert, Antti, worked at Surveypal specificating and driving cloud transformation, as well as an internal trainer for architects whenever needed. Wallasvaara continues his comments on Antti:
Although we had a relatively good view of cloud issues internally, it was crucial that Antti knew the latest Azure solutions and best practices. I also appreciate that even as a very talented person, Antti has also been very humble and fair.

Jukka Wallasvaara, CIO


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